Force1D v1R10

1.  Additions to Force1D:

Added wiggle-me’s and help: for the slider then the go button.

Give the tabs better names.

Bugfix: Force1D man appears in weird y locations (on resize and module switch.)

Profiled Force1d.

Tested under 1024x768 resolution.

Show help should show all help. (Add help items).

Bugfix: On FBD, if the mouse is over an arrow, the FBD doesn’t get a release event.

Darker Green (instead of pale green).

Wiggle me moves side-side in FBD (arrow points down).

Graph side label should be Forces(N).

Playback cursor should appear at the end of recording time, when paused.

Bugfix: Checkbox shows up wrong for barriers in force1d.

Total force on top (different widths).

                I’m adding these with alpha values.  Not perfect, but easily done, and maybe good enough.

Ability to turn off applied force in the graph.

                Now all forces are on equal footing in the graph component.


2. TODO’s for Force1D

Highlight text in box, and add a cursor (and a help item.)

Sounds in playback?  (Don’t spend too much time on this.)

Sound Test button (so people know there should be sound..?)

Minimizing the Force graph, then deselecting checkboxes for each force doesn’t work.

Resize FBD in separate window..? (low priority)

Instead of Tabs, we should have an advanced control panel..?

Wall force doesn’t appear during playback.

Adding barriers during recording have the wrong behavior on playback.

Chris says this doesn’t run on a Mac.

Playback cursor appears at inappropriate times (when there is no data.)

Apparently the FBD is taking up 18% of the application time (even when nothing has changed there.)